Week 7- Holidays and personal milestones

This past week was also Independence Day for me personally, 6 years ago I had my last cigarette and started this journey! I’ve come a long way from the human I was to who I am now. This journey is long and I try to make small improvements each day on my way! Patience and persistence are my key for endurance racing, I didn’t quit smoking on my first or tenth attempt but I never stopped trying. I appreciate everyone who has trained with me or supported me over the years as each one of those steps has gotten me here and will get me across the finish line at Ironman!
Week 7
Monday- Bike, Swim, bike…usual swim with the Iron Tri group but decided to ride there and back
Tuesday- 6.5 mile run in the Sauna lol
Wednesday- 4th of July supporting my wife and girls at their races!
Thursday- Iron Tri Brick 8 mile ride and a 3 mile ride
Friday- family time! Lots of rowing in a Canoe if that counts lol
Saturday- 10 mile run and a 1.2 open water swim
Sunday- Iron Tri group ride on 9W  40 miles and watch My daughter race the 200 at Fleet Feet youth Track series!

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