Week 6- Strange Encounters and Small injuries

As we approach the end things get tough and staying healthy is key.

Monday- Planned Rest Day

Tuesday- Speed Training with Fleet Feet

Wednesday- Iron Tri Group Brick Work 12 mile ride and a 2.50 mile run

Iron Physical Therapy Visit- Hip pain was getting in the way, got some active release therapy, Kinesio taping, Normatech hip sleeves, great exercises and stretches to work on. Dr. Schenkman helped me pin point the origin and I continued to work on it at home relieving 60% on the pain almost overnight!!

Thursday- 4 mile run and a quick 2 mile spin on the city bike

Friday- 20 mile Ride with Bryan…Got chased by a dog twice through the Park…Definitely got the Heart Rate Up on that one!

Saturday- Central Park Retro 4 miler at 8:11/min pace

Sunday- Resting the aching hip(IT band) and spending time with My Girls before their trip!

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