Week 3 – Running down a dream

As week 3 closes out doubts always start I creep in, have I done enough, am I ready, can I do This, will I finish the BATHROOM in time lol…so I try to keep focused and keep the saying I’m running  down a dream in my head! Whether it’s Ironman or fixing my new Home, spending time with family, work, it’s all part of that dream.

 Week 3
Monday- Brick work with Iron Tri 3 mile run and 30 min swim
Tuesday- Speed work with Fleet feet!! 400s suck lol
Wednesday- rest day- lots of construction
Thursday- 10 mile run and a full day of construction!
Friday- 16 mile bike…work..grouting tile til 9
Saturday- day of construction…11 mile run (6.6 run, dinner, 4.5 back)
Sunday- group ride 75 miles, 2 mile run, and help my Cousin Jack pack up a pod…then I did nothing lol

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