Race Day!!

Race day-Ironman Mont Tremblant 140.6 miles

Sunday 4am
Woke up to the alarm, surprisingly I was able to get some sleep. Made myself eggs, ham, toast, and coffee. Followed my normal early morning routines, got my special needs bags and swim bag and Liz got up to drop me at Ironman village!  On our way there the fog was intense.  We stopped at an intersection close to the village and she wished me luck and I hopped out.  Hit the bike first and dropped off the liquids on the bike…pumped the front tire and thought I pumped the back up but it didn’t seem right…I headed out of transition anyway to the bag drop where all our gear was. I loaded all the food into my bags…did a quick check and headed to get my race numbers/age body marked. As I thought about it, I felt uneasy about my back tire and headed back into transition to check it again.  After waiting to borrow a pump, again, I realized I was right and was terribly under pumped!! Thankfully that was done now.  So I walked to the beach start and played things over in my head for the millionth time!  It was chilly and still really foggy…as I suspected they delayed the swim!  So while hanging around with only my thoughts and numerous trips to the porta john, I hoped that Liz and the girls would somehow wander over instead of the swim finish line.  I left my cap off (had the Mohawk) and stood close to the fence so they could find me if they came.  And wouldn’t you know it! My oldest spotted me and got my power kisses and hugs from my girls!!  Finally, we were ready to start after an hour delay!!

The swim 2.4 miles
was great … beautiful lake, smooth swimming…focused on enjoying myself out there…I did draft off a woman in front of me who was about the same speed for a mile or so…I must have drove her crazy hitting here foot every now and then lol.  The back end of the swim was great.  Just a brief moment of panic I think because I knew I had to face the bike soon lol. Came out saw the girls again and into the chaos of the changing tents!  Full change into a bike kit, helmet, shoes, and nutrition in the back pockets (shoved a wafer in my mouth) and off to get the bike!

The bike 112 miles
started out crowded and fast. Everyone looking to win it the first 50 miles!! I tried to settle in absorb the course as it was 2 loops and I’d see it again! Had to stop around mile 40 & 80 for a bathroom break.  The elevations were challenging but the downhill rewards were well worth it!! Nutrition was easy… I ate lunch at 12 (beef jerky)and snacked when I could in between, bananas, gels, and gummies, and took salt tablets every 3 hours. Only had one mechanical issue, of course on a climb.  Gear got stuck and I popped off the clip!!! Worse part was starting back up into the clip.
I did decide to name my bike during this epic ride! My cousin Jamie (who is an awesome athlete) sent me some words of encouragement the night before and referenced a favorite quote “The devil whispered in my ear, ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.’  Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I Am The Storm.”  So as I hit tough times I repeated I am the Storm!! So now she is named Storm…The only other issue came at around mile 100 when my toes got so numb it was almost unbearable! I unclipped and shook them out hoping they would get better on the run! Riding back into transition was amazing! I saw the girls…got a bit turned around since it’s so different than a normal tri but made my way to
the tents again…this time it was much calmer. Full change to my running gear might as we’ll get comfy for the marathon lol…compression socks, hokas, shorts, glasses, race belt with snacks, and my Iron PT shirt.  Saw the girls on my way out of transition and now the race begins!

The run 26.2 miles
was surprisingly great…I used a trusted fellow Triathlete, coach, cousin-in-law’s advice, Mark Heller, and started with a run walk technique…1 min walk every 5 min of running or so…I used different times 7:1, 5:1, 9:1 depending on aid stations.  Then he said run the last 10K, which I did, with the exception of a hill that I did speed walk up lol. It was pretty awesome to gain on people and get stronger as I got deeper into the marathon! A couple of time-consuming bathroom breaks (lines) but they were unavoidable! I did catch the girls on the first loop by pure coincidence as they came out of Starbucks (should have took a sip) and thankfully, as I had been wanting to get rid of those damn sunglasses and of course see them!! All said, it was a stellar run!!

The finish
was something that’s hard to explain.  As I approached the town I could hear Mike Reilly and was getting choked up… this all means so much after all the  hard work and time. As I came through town and the cheering crowds,  I ran to the finish line (I couldn’t help it.)  I thought about everyone, the whole journey from 2012…the real distance I’ve come that they don’t have stickers for! I raised my hands and was declared an Ironman for the first time! A moment I will never forget but I am sure I will have again one day!!
There so much more to tell…this or that thing…140.6 miles has a lot of stories!! As always though feel free to reach out buy me a coffee and I’ll tell you more details with pleasure! It was such a great day for me and my family which I’m very proud of, l wouldn’t trade this experience! Thanks to so many of you for training with me and supporting me! Until we dream again!!



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  1. Congrats Fabian!!!! What an accomplishment… not only the Ironman itself, but all the training and long hours dedicated to getting ready for this!!! Well done and congrats again!!!

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