Train, construction, train, construction

It’s the normal sayin train, construction, repeat!!

 Week 4
Monday- Rest Day from training…but hours of sweat demo’ing the bathroom!
Tuesday- Speed work with Fleet Feet! Speed ladders suck lol and demo, lots of garbage clean out
Wednesday- Swim with Marco 1600 yards and demo
Thursday- Central Park 5K 25 min also did 30 mins warm up on the bike trainer and a 2 mile run to the start line.
Friday- 2100 yard swim and they kicked us out of the pool because of thunder! Light demo and prep work
Saturday-volunteering for NYRR champship race so I guarantee entry into next years marathon!!
10 mile run and hopefully final demo on upstairs bath
Sunday- Iron Tri group ride on 9W  38 miles and full landscaping, repair work on subfloor, backer board layout, and prep

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